About Us

  • ABA Center for Excellence provides behavioral services to individuals of all ages and abilities regardless of diagnostic labels. Unfortunately, funding is only available for people with autism, developmental disabilities, and other special needs. Our staff members address skill development and behavioral challenges through personal support in “home based” and school settings. 
  • At ABA Center for Excellence, parents, families and other caregivers actively participate in treatment and training programs and play an essential role in treatment progress and success.   
  • Our staff members are prepared to work with school personnel, occupational therapists, speech therapists, caseworkers and educators to create a comprehensive and consistent program to teach functional skills and to help decrease challenging behaviors for each client.  

Mission Statement

  • ABA Center for Excellence strives to help people of all ages who exhibit behavioral challenges to participate in their community to the fullest extent possible and to reach their highest potential by learning pro-social skills.  We believe that everybody has the right to learn and contribute to society in a unique way. 

Our Approach

  • ABA Center for Excellence uses the ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) approach to working with people who exhibit behavioral challenges. We teach a variety of different skills in the natural environment of our clients. Although we are knowledgeable and trained in a variety of ABA approaches such as Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior (VB), Natural Environment Training (NET), Discrete Trial Therapy (DTT), Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) and a variety of other methodologies within ABA, we do not prescribe 1 specific therapy. We believe that every person brings a unique set of strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. Thus, we should tailor our educational plan to meet the needs of our individual clients.

Who We Are

  • We are a comprehensive team of professionals specializing in different approaches and backgrounds providing our clients with a well rounded array of services. Our clinicians meet bi-weekly for professional development. Our clinicians include...   
  1. Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA)
  2. Board Certified Assistant Behvior Analysts (BCaBA)
  3. Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT)
  4. Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA)
  5. Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSP)