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Webinar- STAR Kids Rollout: How will Texas families be affected?

STAR Kids Rollout:  How will Texas families be affected?  webinar on Thursday, September 1st at 10:00 AM CST:

It's time to focus on Texas families!  The STAR kids rollout in Texas will affect over 180,000 families who have kids with special healthcare needs.  The moment of truth is rapidly approaching on November 1st when we will find out how well we have communicated to families who will be affected by this change.

At CareStarter, we have had many conversations about how we can help families in Texas with this change.  We have also received quite a bit of feedback from the community.  The common themes are: fear around unanswered questions regarding enrollment, continuity of care during the transition, which providers will accept each plan, and will the benefits change.

CareStarter is committed to provide information to families which is why we are presenting this FREE webinar to Texas families.  We will endeavor to answer your questions including how our app will help families find providers who accept these new health plans with our 100% insurance match around the STAR Kids rollout!  Register now for this FREE one hour webinar!

Topic 1:  STAR Kids Rollout - What is it and how does it affect families in Texas?
Topic 2:  Help!  I'm Confused - Top ten questions families have around the STAR Kids Rollout.
Topic 3:  CareStarter App - Using the free CareStarter App to find providers who take my new plan!