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The 7 Habits of Successful Families Series

The 7 Habits of Successful Families Series

November 1, 8, 16; 6:00 p.m.—8:00 p.m.


It’s no secret that many families today are in trouble. The 7 Habits of Successful Families training offers a much-needed framework for applying universal, self-evident principles that enable family members to communicate their challenges and overcome them successfully together.                                                                              

In this training, parents will learn to:

·         Apply an “Inside-Out Approach” to problem solving and goal creation;

·         Resolve differences in marriage and family relationships by creatively cooperating together;

·         Establish a better work/life balance;

·          Become more effective in raising emotionally healthy and empowered children;

·         Employ the skills of Empathic Listening and synergy; and

·          Learn to effectively discipline and motivate children.

**Interpreter provided by request. Call 210-370-5466

This training will be provided via webinar. Please email   If you do plan on participating via webinar with this session, email Kimberly for materials needed.