Call For the Arts - Interpretations of What It Means to Be a Military Child

A great opportunity for our youth to showcase their many talents.  Call for the Arts allows thousands of military children - from all over the world, from every service, of all ages - to mail in their drawings, their poems, and their interpretations of what it means to be a military child.

Submissions are due Jan 27.

Artwork in the visual arts is featured at the MCEC Annual conference each year. It is utilized in the On The Move magazine, the annual calendar, the annual conference program, and other MCEC publications.

Writing, including essays, poetry, and short stories, is featured in the annual conference program, the On The Move magazine, the annual calendar, and other MCEC publications.

Film is considered for display at the Annual Training Seminar each year.

Suggested Topics Include:
. Parents/Family
. Transitions/Changes
. Military Lifestyle
. The Life Lessons You've Learned
. Teachers/School
. Cultures Experienced
. Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams

To download the Official Submission form or for further information please visit: